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Dr. Max Polyakov provides reliable agricultural solutions through EOSDA



There is a constant demand for the Earth to have reliable data solutions. Dr. Max Polyakov intends to spearhead this dream through EOS Data Analytics.

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Introducing Satellites

One of the leading imagery analytics company providers, EOSDA (EOS Data Analytics), announced its intentions to launch at least seven EOS SAT satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) by 2024. This launch will be influential in providing a reliable satellite data production vertical.

Reasons for the Satellite Constellation

The idea behind this launch is to have a reliable tool that will monitor farmlands. This project mainly focuses on agriculture. The collaboration with EOS Data Analytics will spearhead increased accessibility in satellite monitoring features, increasing its accuracy. Besides, its success will help address constant global concerns, including climatic changes, environmental issues, and land degradation. According to EOSDA's Co-founder, Max Polyakov, there is a need to boost food production, especially when there are adverse climate changes. He also adds that reliable and sustainable agricultural principles. With this demand, reliable data analytics have a significant role in ensuring that this comes to pass. Farmers require such technologies to meet this goal.

EOS SAT features

The constellation will be detailed with 1.4 meters panchromatic and 2.8 meters multispectral Ground Resolution, swath width of close to 40 km, and 11 band channels. Ideally, the satellite will reflect innovative agricultural needs. Before launching the constellation, there will be a three-day revisit time globally. Each satellite will take a five-year term to be completed. The EOS Data Analytics will integrate crop classification, crop health monitoring, weather predictions, and soil moisture estimates. Besides, the constellation will offer the following:

  • In-house proprietary data for agricultural models that can be useful in increasing the processing speed

  • Frequent satellite real-time data in approximately seven days every week

  • High image resolutions that can be at least 2 to 8 times than the standard agricultural monitoring satellites

  • Exclusive image rights within particular regions

All these projects will be progressed within three phases; 2022, 2023 & 2024. The first phase project will be completed in 2022, while the next ones will progress within the years that we follow.

Who is EOS Data Analytics

The private firm is a Noosphere Ventures subsidiary, an investment firm. This company specializes in providing AL-powered analytics and imagery globally. EOS Data Analytics deploys comprehensive technologies that integrate Earth observation solutions for industries like mining, military, oil, and smart-making agriculture decisions. EOS Data Analytics is the perfect reliable solution for Earth's emerging challenges.

EOSDA has earned the trust of reputable partners willing to build a cooperation network and find new markets that boost revenue for each party. The firm inspires further expansion of the ecosystem's partnership. Collaborating with other companies will ensure profitability while focusing on environmental impact. Any industry associated with this firm opens exciting opportunities that will positively impact reputable industries.

The Future of EOSDA

EOS Data Analytics intends to collaborate with other companies in making positive changes using satellite data and complex algorithms. The firm also strives to be the leading and reliable data and solution provider when contemplating Planet preservation.

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